Don’t Create Content. Do This Instead!

How To Get Better, Warmer Leads In Less Time

Hey there…Jason Koeppe here from SurePath Digital and in this video I’m going to tell you how you can focus on creating and delivering something that will bring you more leads and not just more leads but also leads that know, like, and trust you more. Leads that are far warmer and ready to do business with you.

The Problem

Alright, but first let’s be honest. How many times have you been told by a marketer, coach or guru that you should be creating more content for your business. Most business owners are told over and over that the secret to their success and all the things right SEO, authority building, lead gen, sales… always more content, content, content

And you know what you, like most business owners, probably instantly resist, even if just a little. And I’m guessing there’s probably 3 reasons for that.

3 Reasons You Resist Producing Content

  1. Now 1 is…content sounds boring. I mean write another informative blog post? Boring.
  2. 2, content sounds hard. Can anyone say “ain’t nobody got time for that”?
  3. And 3 content sounds useless. I mean you’re running a business…should I be selling something?

What Do You Do Instead?

So instead of focusing on creating content what do you do instead?

I’ll tell you, but first, let me make sure I’m crystal clear on something.

The advice to create content to grow and sell more isn’t completely off base.

Done right It works. My problem is with the focus.

And therefore my advice to you is this…don’t create content create and deliver value to your prospects.

What Do People Really Want?

That’s right solve real problems answer real questions that they have and actually help them for free.

Imagine that right.

No one wants to consume content and holy crap I mean who wants to get more emails with content to consume.

It’s not content people are after or mere information but value created by the info that helps us create transformation.

Or if you’re in a service business then it’s what you can do for that client and the value you can have.

It’s that that they want to have.

Some Ninja Tips To Help You Do It Quickly & Easily

So this is why we use a couple of of super simple, but valuable, tools with our lead gen and coaching clients to help them easily and quickly generate all the content ideas for the entire year in just a morning.

Right? Like 2 or 3 hours and you can do the same thing… focusing on delivering value… I mean real value to your prospects. Right?

Forget this perceived value garbage. This will put you light years ahead.

All right… now here are a couple of practical tips to help you get started.

List Your FAQs

Now first you should list out all the questions you get asked by prospects and clients currently your FAQs right frequently asked questions

Just brain dump them all.

And you know you can you can do what we do you can list them for each main area of focus you have.

For us and for like for us that would be like driving the right traffic, generating quality leads, and installing effective automation.

You know you can even subdivide them into further detail if you want to get more granular and specific.

Iit just depends on how you want to do it.

Then just list out all the questions you get asked most often so you can’t think of any more Ideally shoot for like 10.

List Your SAQs

Next, I want you to list out all what we call the SAQs or should ask questions.

Now these the questions they should be asking but they’re probably not.

It’s the questions they’d ask you if they had your lifetime of experience in your industry right in your business.

List Some Case Studies

And finally, list out a handful of case studies you could walk people through. You don’t even have to have a lot of these but these would showcase what you can and have done for clients.

But showcase your client as the hero, not you. You’re just the narrator of your client’s success and you’re privileged to have taken a small part of it.

Now If you’re like most people you’ve just brainstormed 25-40 ideas for topics that you could deliver some awesome value for your prospects.

Things that they didn’t know that you did…

Things that they’re probably searching for that you can solve for them.

And things that when you do help them with it will help you build authority expert status and trust with them.

Probably they’re going to like you more to right on top of everything else because you just helped them.

And as far as how to deliver the content there are tons of options that don’t require a lot of time that we teach our clients when we work with them that I don’t have time to go over here.

But I will give you two quick and easy options.

  1. Pick up your phone and record you know like a selfie-style video.  To make it easier and more fluid, just break the video up into three parts that you can easily splice together or have done for you probably better yet in post.

    And the three parts are the intro on the promise that teach and seed and the close and the CTA. 

  2. Now if you can’t stand the thought of video or being on camera or you know you couldn’t show up for your prospects in the way you need or want to No worries Take your phone and just record the chunks above in audio.

Then in both cases you’ll have either an audio or video file that you can upload someplace like and have them transcribed for little or nothing. Seriously it’s so inexpensive and it’s incredibly accurate and it takes hardly any time at all.

Then what you can do with that is then you can have the transcript and the audio or the video. You can put that on your blog posts on your blog on your website.

You can put it up on social media channels and even pay to drive traffic to it and people can start to learn from you.

And then obviously when it’s time for them to do business with someone they’re gonna they’re gonna pick you because you were first and foremost on the top of their mind right now.

You Can (And Should) Do This

So there you have it…it may sound like a semantics type of thing that you know tomato versus tomato but when you get right down to it it’s not.

It’s far more important than people think because it gets to the heart of the matter And that’s this…

Are you just chasing the next trick to get more traffic or convert more leads or do you actually want to help your prospects by delivering real actionable value to them.

Focus on delivering value and you’ll wind up producing more and better content that people actually care about.

It’ll actually help them…

It will create more leads for you and more sales as well…

Which will get you more and better warmer leads which will help you sell more of whatever you sell right.

What’s Your Next Move?

Now, hopefully this has been helpful to you if so and you’d like to see what we can do to even help you maybe grow more book of time on our calendar and I’d be more than happy to look at your entire digital presence to see how we might be able to help you grow your leads sales and business.

Until next time God bless and talk soon.

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