Get More Leads & Sales From Your Website & Digital Marketing

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) & lead generation services

We help local businesses, practices, dealerships, and eCommerce sites, grow effortlessly by installing a profitable lead generation and  conversion rate optimization system that will provide all the business you need without worry, anxiety, or stress.

The SurePath Philosophy Is Simple & Incredibly Effective

It's How We Help You Grow

Phase 1


When you have a strong, strategic foundation to work from everything else in the process falls into place.

Phase 2


Now you have to be able to create a traffic flood of the right people and when you do, look out.

Phase 3


There are 2 key ingredients you must have in your conversion funnel that is the difference between feast or famine.

Grow On Demand

Grow Like You Deserve...we'll Help

When you know how to lay a strategic FOUNDATION, use it to create a FLOOD of the perfect traffic and convert them into leads and sales with a proven conversion FUNNEL, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly grow and scale your business, practice, or eCommerce site.  All our material is designed to help you with those three elements, using cutting-edge, proprietary strategies, tools, and technologies.

Here at SurePath Digital, we work with you to create the future of your dreams.

DWY (Done With You) OR DFY (Done For You)

You Decide how we work together

You might be surprised to learn that we don’t think the done-for-you model is the best for everyone.  This is where the client hires the expert, agency, or consultant to just go get them more leads or run an ad campaign with a completely hands-off, ‘you’re responsible’ approach.  

Is it best for some people?  Sure…and we offer a version of it through our fully managed done for you services…but we don’t think it’s best for everyone. 

That’s why we also offer our done with you hybrid system called Growth On Demand where we not only help you but we literally hand you the exact proprietary system for generating highly qualified leads and turning them into sales within 72 hours consistently and reliably (this system is responsible for close $85M in collective sales revenue).  Plus you have all the support, coaching, templates, scripts and resources to implement them immediately into your business.

PROVEN 6 Step Framework To Get You More Leads & Sales

Strategic Focus

No more generic, 'be everything to everyone' marketing and copy. We'll help you get crystal clear on who you can help and what problem your stuff solves.

Irresistible Offer

Most offers stink. They are completely resistible. Let's change that by creating something your market will actually like and want.

Tight Targeting

Getting your message out there is wasting money. Putting a great offer in front of ONLY the right people brings efficiency and results.

Amazing Ads

Did you know with a great foundation in place you can get good results even with crappy ads? You'll learn how to create amazing ads that get awesome results!

Captivating Content

And those ads will drive traffic to a funnel or site filled with captivating content that actually helps them. This is where the promise of the offer is fulfilled and trust is created.


With so many ways to communicate, why force prospects to take actions they don't want to take in a way they don't want to take them. Enter the DNA (Desirable Next Action).

Leads, sales, growth & Impact

ROI Is all that Matters.

In an industry that seems to love vanity metrics (metrics that don’t correlate to ROI and growth), when you work with us we will always pursue one thing…ROI.  From your website to ads…heck even working with us…everything should pay for itself.  ALWAYS ROI-positive!

Here’s a look at just some of the results our clients enjoy!


ROAS (Google)

Massive results for a client spending just shy of $100k/month on FB & Google Ads to drive eCommerce sales.


New Customers (week over week)

All accomplished by slashing a nearly $75k FB budget by 75% in the same week!


E-Commerce Conv Rate

After only 3 conversion improvements, this site was converting at nearly 5% with over 60k sessions monthly!


ROAS (Google)

Massive results for a client spending just shy of $100k/month on FB & Google Ads to drive eCommerce sales.


Paid Search Revenue (Week over week)

Weekly revenue pictured…annualized this improvement alone was worth almost $250,000!


Cost Per Conversion

Talk about making the marketing dollar go farther…a 53% decrease in CPA will do that quick.