Growth On-Demand Program

Get More Leads & Sales From Your Website & Digital Marketing

Learning about growing your business is one thing…being handed a proven system is another…

In this program, we not only work with you but we literally hand you the exact proprietary system for generating highly qualified leads and turning them into sales within 72 hours consistently and reliably. 

Or if you’re an eCommerce business this system will…

  • increase conversion rate,
  • decrease cost per acquisition, and
  • skyrocket profits

: (this system is responsible for close $85M in collective sales revenue). 

Plus you have all the support, coaching, templates, scripts, and resources to implement them immediately into your business.  Whether you need lead generation or eCommerce sales, the Growth On-Demand program will help you grow effortlessly by installing a profitable marketing and conversion system that will provide all the business you need without worry, anxiety, or stress.

What I'm NOT Going To Do

I’m not going to try to sell you on applying for Growth On-Demand. 
Instead, let me just tell you who it is for …and who it’s NOT for.

This Program IS For:

This Program IS NOT For:

What's Best For YOU...My Client?

So often, even with the best of intentions, we can get too focused on what we want/need that we forget about what the other person needs. 

I see it every day working with well-intentioned business owners…I see them writing website copy, ad copy, and even have sales process designed to get what they want…business and sales. 

Nothing wrong with that either unless it misses the point.  What’s that?

The point is that the only thing that matters to your prospect is what they want and need.

So as I said I see this mistake all the time…

That’s why late in 2020 it shocked me to realize I might have been doing the same thing in my business.  

Let me explain.

We changed everything from this one realization

My Big epiphany and how it helps you

See I’ve been doing done-for-you lead generation for years. 

Clients come to me, and tell me “I need more and better leads”, we learn about their business, market and products/services and then we get busy and build, install and optimize a lead generation machine that works night and day to do just that…produce more and better quality leads.

And ya know what?  Clients have loved it. 

They are often shocked we can actually pull it off and they are thrilled. 

However, I had never stopped to think about clients that have needs that were a little different.  

Maybe someone who runs a small company but has a team (even if just a team of one or themselves) or is looking to hire someone. 

And you know who that new hire or existing team member is not going to be? 

They’re not going to be a $250k level marketing strategist with 25 years and millions of client dollars spent with incredible ROI under their belt. 

No way.  Not for the small company.

More than likely they’ll be someone on the team already that’s wearing many hats (marketing might be the newest one) or someone right out of college that is smart but doesn’t know what they don’t know.

They might be great people and even team members…but a marketing and lead gen or conversion rate expert they are not.

How do you grow fastest?

So back to 2020…as the year was drawing to a close, I sat down with the iPad intent on brainstorming and planning for my business.  I like to be intentional so normally I start these out by asking myself what’s going well, what isn’t and where do I want to go from here (or what do I want in my business that I don’t have currently).

And that’s when it hit me.  

I thought…“Ya know Jason you always start these sessions by asking yourself what YOU want.  What if you asked what your clients want instead?”

So I after feeling a bit ashamed for a few seconds I went to work and it hit me that several businesses I know are in that place I described.  The business is looking to hire or already has a team that could execute and even learn and grow professionally. 

But they don’t have a strategist, an expert, and a coach to help and guide them.  And they don’t have proven systems, scripts, templates, ads, pages, and funnels that work.  And not just work but have been perfected having had millions of dollars have run through them doing so.

Which leaves them with 2 choices…

  1. Hire someone fairly inexpensive which leads to their buddy’s, brother in law’s, bosses kid who “knows the Facebook” cause she’s 21 and smart.  Or maybe even worse they hire someone right out of college with a marketing or business degree.  Can we agree that by doing this you probably don’t have someone who is going to come out of the gates in the first 30-60 days and double, triple, or even quadruple your lead volume all while driving lead quality through the roof?
  2. Hire an expensive done-for-you agency or consultant.  Look the ones who know how to do this and can do it quickly and the right way are expensive…including us.  We know what we can do, we know the value of that to the business and we have gotten to the place where we get to pick and choose who we work with.  This is great for some folks but not for all businesses.

And that’s when it hit me, we could create a third option…so we did. 

Enter Growth On-Demand.

Growth On-Demand VS Agency/Inexperienced Full Time Hire

SPD Mark Only 200 SkyRocket

Inexperienced Hire Only 

DFY Agency

Growth On-Demand


1 Expensive High-Risk, Hire or
Low-Value Jr Hire

Incredibly expensive experts or lower cost Jr. account mgr at an agency

The best of both worlds…senior growth team, templates, and scripts working closely with you and your team to get amazing results all for less than the cost of an inexperienced hire.


$40+k/yr which is fairly inexpensive, but very little if any return on that investment and no one to train them.

$100k/yr with no guarantee of ROI.  Also no one in house that knows how, no playbooks, training or resources to ever bring in house effectively.

We pay for ourselves.  Always.  Multiple times over.  Or your money back.  Always ROI-Positive.

Time to results

3-5 months to find and onboard what you hope is the right hire and another 3-6 months to see if you were right.

Most agencies require 3 months to get going.  Good ones can be faster but they aren’t incentivized to do all that needs done quickly.

We’re fast!  Initial tests can be launched in as little as 1-2 days after sign up and momentum and knowledge grows even in the first 7 days from there.


A bad hire can cost you a year + salary and worst, opportunity cost.

Massive!  This is always an expensive gamble.  Agencies require 6-12 month contracts with no guarantees at all.

Skype, Email, Whatsapp

Time Commitment

Hiring, onboarding, ramping up…it’s a painful, error-prone and it’s really expensive. It alone is almost a full-time job.

This one is good and bad.  admittedly an agency that’s performing can save you time up front, but the reason it’s also bad is if you ever want to bring someone in they never train so you still have to invest the time just later.

You should plan on someone in the company investing between 3-4 hrs per week minimum but no more than 5-7.  Our weekly calls go 1.5 hrs and then consuming the content and implementing it can range from 1 – 5 hrs per week.  Compare this with learning from scratch without the templates, pages, scripts and coaching.